Trademark Legal Services

Welcome to Wells IP Law, LLC, a law firm focused on Intellectual Property.  We provide assistance with copyrights, patents, licensing agreement, and other contracts.  But the largest part of our law practice is trademarks.

Our Managing Attorney, Nicholas Wells, has worked on more than 1,000 trademark matters for clients in more than 45 countries, including more than 500 U.S. trademark applications submitted through the Madrid Protocol.

We provide flat fee services for most trademark matters.

Are you filing a new trademark application in the U.S.? Our fees begin at $ 600 for everything through to registration.

Have you already filed for a U.S. trademark through the Madrid Protocol and now your application has been refused?  We can resolve most Office Actions so that you mark can register for a total fee of between $285 and $ 690.

(Click for more information about the cost of the trademark registration process.)

To receive a free quotation, use the Contact page to send us the serial number of your existing application or ask us to contact you to discuss filing a new application directly in the United States.